to help you look your absolute best in your photos!

Start with One Person​

It’s way easier to visualize the how everyone pictured will mesh once you've decided on one piece! Try starting with the lady, since women’s clothing is more colorful or contains prints.

Compliment - don't Match

The day of matching shirts and khaki pants are long gone!  We want colors that complement each other! For instance, soft colors (light blue, gray, blush) or warm colors (hunter green, orange, burgundy), If you want bright and colorful images, then you should choose a more vivid color scheme for your outfits!  If you want earth tones, go for warmer hues.

Stick to One Outfit

Make things easy on you! All you need for an great session is one outfit for everyone. Changing outfits will take time away from your shoot.  However, layers are key to achieving multiple looks with one actual outfit.  Think about it: a cute dress with a cardigan ontop, then your jacket, and scarf, even headwear.  With layers, you can remove one item at a time, and Was-la!!  5-6 different looks with one outfit!

Consider Your Home Decor

Think about where you plan to display your images.  If your livingroom is decorated in soft pastels, for example, then you won't want to wear maroon and yellow colors, for example.  If you're wearing earth tones, it'd look great in a room with practically every neutral color (browns, grays, creams). 

Plan for the Weather

Who wants to be miserable and uncomfortable in an outfit?  For one, a photo session is supposed to be fun.  The last thing I want is you focusing how your feet throbbing from 5 inch heels. If you’re planning an outdoor session in cooler months, think about scarfs, jackets, gloves, and hats.  During warm months, dress in layers that you can remove if you get too hot.

Don't forget Shoes!


Most people forget to consider what's on their feet, but believe me... it can make or break your outfit . If you can’t find shoes you love, consider going barefoot (just bring walking shoes to get from point A to point B).

Steer away from athletic shoes and bright white sneakers.

Try on Your Clothes Well in Advance

Check your outfits from every angle and not just the one you like best in the mirror.  Move around:  sit, squat, lean forward, etc.  If you're opting for romantic,  clothes should work well in motion (such as a lightweight sheer fabric for example).  Consider your theme, the location, the weather, all elements, and be certain you can move around! 

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