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A bump in the road turns into a beautiful bulb!

One night escaping the everyday norm, hustle and bustle of the daily grind (and the stressors that accompany it) was so refreshing. I took an overnight “minication” to Nashville where I enjoyed a change of scenery, and left feeling quite refreshed.

As a photographer, I feel like sometimes, it’s natural to get “stuck” in a creative pit, or feel a lack of inspiration. It’s important to detour the frustration and take your mind off of the struggle(instead of dwelling in that negative space). One way to accomplish this task is by Altering your attention to something completely different. My previous attempts in doing so, never failed, but rather delightfully surprised. Instantaneously my attention and artistic eye would be drawn to something that produced that distinct feeling in my gut *you creatives know what I’m talking about* it’s a moment when all of your senses are enhanced and you become determined to communicate the emotions and sensations of that moment.

Just to ramble a little more, the drive in itself was completely freeing. I rolled the windows down, cranked the volume up and listened to my self-made “road trip rhythms and rhymes” play list - everything from 80’s hip hop, 90’s alternative, feel good music of the 2000’s... to Ella Fitzgerald and Lindsay sterling. I love just feeling so in sync with the road and traveling forward breathing the Fresh air, feeling the warm sun blanketing my skin and the breeze tugging on the strands of my hair and grazing my skin. That’s when “it” hit me.

I knew my next theme has to express this feeling of peace & serenity; this was the lightbulb instantaneously turning on. High power and full force inspiration found me. Im ready for my next outdoor pursuit for those perfect dreamy photos capturing a person in that euphoric peaceful state of mind. I’m thinking boho chic and rustic one with nature. Any takers?!?!


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